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With epic riffs and an infectious barb-wired hook  ‘HOPELESS KIND’ is the latest taste of NXKXTA's debut album. This alt-pop/alt-rock anthem from the multi-creative music artist delves into themes of self-sabotage and fatal forms of escapism. The track is now out via Drowned In Sound.

NXKXTA's raw, urgent vocal backed by crashing live drums and complimented by a searing. guitar solo renders this track destined for the mosh pit.

"With HOPELESS KIND I wanted to reference the emotional spiral you can find yourself in when life doesn't work out the way you expected it would. The disillusionment throws you into this limbo of insecurity, self-doubt, self-sabotage and escapism through nightlife, substance addiction (for some), unhealthy friendship & relationship dynamics, forced fun and reckless enjoyment with people who feel just as miserable and numb as you do, all in the spirit of 'misery likes company' but disguised as just being oh so 'wild and free."

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NXKXTA releases ‘EPHEBOPHILE’ with her signature smokey vocal, creeping bassline and a sliding dark-rock ’n’ roll sensibility. Guitar riffs descend in brutal minor key, with musical references to be made to the likes of Timber Timbre, The Kills, Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Cramps.    

I wrote this song during a time when I was intensely researching musicians as it was the first time I was recording music of my own”, explains Nikita of ‘EPHEBOPHILE’.

I repeatedly would stumble across disturbing conversations about artists I admired and their conduct with teenagers. So I couldn’t help but look into the topic further and I was stunned to find out that ‘teen’ is the #1 searched-for word in pornography worldwide.

It made me realise just how normalised grooming and being sexualised at a very young age was in my own adolescence and how it shaped me and the teenagers around me.



It is especially prevalent in the creative industries due to either a lack of laws and regulations or due to a multitude of loop holes that hinder the protection of children and adolescents.


We are finally seeing this topic gaining traction in mainstream media with more individuals opening up about their experiences. However, it is still not safe for survivors to come forward and they currently pay a steep price on a personal level by doing so. I believe that as a society, we really have to work towards changing this.

NXKXTA delivers a sultry new single 'THE LIKES OF YOU'the third infectious track from her highly anticipated debut visual album set for release in 2024.

With smoky vocals reminiscent of Hope Sandoval, twangy guitars à la Sonic Youth, and deep vibrato bass, the song captures a sense

of mystery and intrigue.

The cinematic video directed by Kassandra Powell depicts NXKXTA lugging around a chained suitcase, symbolizing the stage of a relationship where you realize it's over but can't let go.

As a multifaceted visionary, NXKXTA took charge of the video's creative direction, concept, styling and makeup, playing with gender stereotypes and androgyny.

With intense, poetic lyrics exploring complex themes like narcissism, escapism & heartbreak, NXKXTA uses her platform to spark important conversations about mental health, sexuality, and societal issues. 

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‘VERBAL VENOM’ is a song about the impact of words, about how language can be used negatively to create an abusive, detrimental impact on someone.

Nowadays, the hate tends to additionally spread digitally and internationally like a wildfire and take on a venomous life of its own.

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Nikita feels that the song is especially relevant right now, with the post-pandemic frustration and anger at such a high, causing many to lash out verbally without thinking of the repercussions and suffering caused by their words.


She wrote the lyrics based on her experience growing up with a verbally abusive father as well as having witnessed people that she holds dear face verbal harassment online.

The harm caused is often not taken seriously, so many tend to suffer in silence while individuals with a platform or in the public eye are expected to just put up with hate as an inevitable consequence of their profession.

'DRACULA'  is the first release from NXKXTA's upcoming debut album.

The song is about taking your power back from a Narcissist. 

It was written as an empowering hymn to encourage the listener to stay strong when they are struggling from current or past narcissistic abuse. All with the aim of reminding them of their own courage and resilience.


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